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Baylor Health's Low Cost Motivational Programs for Enhancing Performance in the Call Center

Posted: 07/08/2009

In this webinar, Tonya Choate of Baylor Health Care explains how to engage call center representatives.

High turnover rate? Low morale? Large amount of work? Small budget? No budget? Attention all managers, roll up your sleeves and become a construction worker! That’s right, a construction worker.  Start tearing down the turnover rate and building morale and relationships on little or no budget by building a foundation of fun and activity on a consistent basis. By building a foundation for a successful culture, you will improve your customer service offering on all levels. Engaged call center representatives deliver better service. You can build from the ground up. 

Do you already have a good foundation? Build on top of it. Find out how you can take an ordinary game and make it extraordinary, custom built to your specifications. Tonya Choate of Baylor Health Care will guide you through the thought process and show you shortcuts to save on time and money to close the deal.

In this webinar, not only will you receive some basic starting ideas for the framework, but you will receive advice on how to hammer out ideas, find resources and utilize tools that you already have available to you. Learn to see things in a whole new way without the safety glasses!

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