Panel on Managing Social Media in the Call Center: What Every Manager Should Know

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How is your call center managing social media? This is the question every call center manager should be asking themselves. In this podcast our panel of experts in the call center trenches address how to create a social media strategy for your call center. The panel features the latest and greatest techniques from Manny Alvarez, Senior Director of Customer Care for The Marketing Store; Keith Fiveson, CEO of call center consulting firm ITESA; and Barry Dalton, VP of Innovation and Architecture for Telerx. You’ll learn how to build or transform your call center into a social media-enabled hub where customers, employees and prospects connect, collaborate and champion your products, your services and your way of doing business. Discover the tools for increasing your call center’s brand value by engaging people in new forms of call center communication, collaboration, education and entertainment. Find out how to determine which call center social media tactics you should be using with your customers and call center representatives.

Do you know how to make social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter in your call center strategy? Do you know how to do a social media analysis inside your call center to improve internal operations and outside your call center? Create and monetize relationships with customers and prospects by implementing social media micro- and macro-call center strategies to give your business the competitive edge it needs to survive and thrive.

Virtually every call center can use social media to increase sales and profits, and in this panel we introduce you to social media, give you a helpful call center framework and present practical and tactical tips for using some of these tools. The panel gives you a social media strategy for your call center.

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