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David Cicarrelli is interested in matchmaking.

The founder of, Cicarrelli saw a demand for improved customer service offerings and launched his company, a matchmaker between buyers and sellers of voice recordings. Cicarrelli is interested in improving the customer experience through a simple integration of live chat with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. is interested in premium customer care and improving customer management for other companies, in addition to its own shop.

In looking at live chat technology, Cicarrelli claims the number one mistake businesses make is treating live chat like it’s e-mail. In leveraging the CRM software offered by Salesforce, made a system to capture customer data while engaging with the customer in real-time. This greatly reduced administrative work in addition to time delays for the customer caused by waves of e-mail. leverages LivePerson, a live chat solution, to respond to customer inquiries in real time. This can include anything from a sales lead to answering the inquiry of an existing customer. It helps to increase time to resolution, streamlining support cases and reducing overall e-mail. Live chat, a specialized skill, just like outbound telephone sales and support, needs to be leveraged appropriately and carefully.

In this podcast with Customer Management IQ’s Blake Landau, Cicarrelli, who is also a presenter at IQPC’s Call Centre Week Canada conference in August, explains how you can create your own match by joining live chat with CRM to clean up and improve your customer service offering.

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