Unveils Chatter: An Interview with Alex Dayon, SVP CRM, Cloud Computing Extraordinaire

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Marc Benioff, CEO of, predicts the call center industry will be’s next billion dollar deal, and it might very well be with the creation of Cloud 2 and something called “Chatter.” In this podcast
recorded at the NYC “Chatter” event Alex Dayon, SVP CRM for Salesforce, talks with us about how Chatter will assist you in creating and keeping customers. Dayon has an extensive background in knowledge management and served as co-founder, President and CEO of InStranet, a firm acquired by

“ is advancing the shift to Cloud 2, where productivity gains are going to come from real-time collaboration available on any device. We’ve seen the future of enterprise software, and it looks more like Facebook on the iPad than Yahoo on the PC,” Marc Benioff recently said in a statement. Chatter is another step in the direction of increasingly social and collaborative technology. 

ChatterExchange is a new category for social enterprise applications and provides a tool for people to collaborate in real-time at work. Disruptive technologies like Chatter will change the nature of how customer relationship management is done  within the entire organization. Chatter will allow for more collaboration and value creation across the entire business.

In this interview Dayon provides key insights into the cloud and explains how Chatter technologies will implicate the call center and the other customer channels. If you care about the future of your customer creation, customer service and customer retention process you will not want to miss this podcast interview!

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