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The Social Customer Care Plan

Posted: 07/15/2009

In this presentation, Yianni Garcia of the American Teleservices Association explains how to use social media to improve your customer service offering.

How can basic social media be used to deliver customer care? This virtual presentation puts together an actionable plan of how basic social media platforms could integrate with an overall customer service strategy. Yianni Garcia, a recent presenter at the American Teleservices Association’s NY chapter event, joins Call Center IQ to unveil the core social media sites for a savvy customer care strategy.

The plan will get you started on delivering better customer service to maximize your customer touch points.

The social customer care plan is relevant to call center management as well as the marketing team looking to improve word of mouth marketing efforts. Word of mouth has become the most powerful way to raise awareness about a brand, purchase a product or a service.

The average customer has multiple networks, blogs, micro blogs, as well as using mobile content. Your customer base is active in online communities. Are you engaging with them? Are you maximizing the relationships and the customer feedback and data they are providing to you on how to improve your services? Garcia highlights the importance of tending to your social networking communities and growing this presence through continuity. ROI in social media grows the more you engage and the more time you invest in it.

From a customer relations aspect, social media gives a tactical advantage in how call centers engage and connect with consumers. Incorporating social media into your customer care plan will allow your call center team to be more proactive (as opposed to reactive).

Find out how to maximize your customer relationships and your customer service offering in the new social economy.

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