Inside the Mind of the Shopper: A Discussion with Author Herb Sorensen

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What do you do when you shop? The answers are fascinating and, for retailers, they're cash in the bank. Every year, says Herb Sorensen, Ph.D., shoppers will spend a quadrillion seconds in supermarkets, and they waste 80 percent of that time. In his book Inside the Mind of the Shopper the world-renowned retail consultant uncovers the truth about the retail shopper and rips away the myths and mistakes that lead retailers to miss their greatest opportunities.

Drawing on Sorensen's breakthrough second-by-second analysis of millions of shopping trips, this podcast reveals how consumers actually behave, move and make buying decisions as they move through supermarkets and other retail stores. Sorensen presents powerful, tested strategies for designing more effective stores, improving merchandising and driving double-digit sales increases. He identifies simple interventions that can have dramatic sales effects and shows why many common strategies simply don't work.

Today, improving the effectiveness of the retail experience is crucial. Sorensen reveals how to appeal to the "quick trip" shopper; make the most of all three "moments of truth"; understand consumers' powerful in-store migration patterns; improve collaboration between manufacturers and retailers; learn the lessons of Stew Leonard's and other innovators; and much more. He presents revealing interviews with several leading in-store retail experts, including crucial insights on using technology and retailing to multicultural communities and described how you can reshape your stores and shopping experiences for better results.

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